Hierarchy: Episode 3 Recap

Jae-I takes Kang Ha outside in Hierarchy: Episode 2. He learns that she knows who he is. He reveals he came to replace her in episode 3. He smiles. Ri-An boxes in the gym. Jae-I remembers she read Kang Ha’s resume. She learns that the guy doesn’t have any brother. But she thinks he’s related to In-Han.

He-Ra is in her room at home. She calls Ri-An and she offers to go to school together. He agrees to it. She’s happy to look herself in the mirror. She leaves her room. We see the group photo of Ri-An, Ha-Ra, Jae-I and Woo-Jin. Kang Ha goes out with a bike. Jae-I is waiting for him in the car. She lets him get in her car.

Hierarchy: Episode 3

He’s in her car and he looks at his bike which is hung on her car. She tells him that it won’t fall off. She takes a look at the fish bracelet he wears. He reveals each member in Seonyul Group has the bracelet. They arrive at the school.

Jae-I gets off the car. Kang Ha holds her hand. He takes her to get into the hall. They run into Hui-Seon. Hui-Seon thinks there’s no problem. Jae-I and Kang Ha leave. Ji-Su joins Hui-Seon. She thinks Jae-I and Kang Ha had a deal. Hui-Seon reminds Ji-Su that she has a class.

He-Ra sees the group photo of Jae-I and Kang Ha in the classroom. Ba-Da wonders if the two are serious. Ha-Ra persuades Ba-Da and Ye-Ji to support Jae-I and Kang Ha. Ba-Da wonders if Jae-I and Ri-An are over. He-Ra reveals Ri-An has someone new. Ye-Ji lets He-Ra look outside. He-Ra sees the guy Seon-U. He walks into the classroom and he puts a box of chocolates on her desk. He leaves.

He-Ra leaves the classroom. Ye-Ji feels sorry for Seon-U. Because He-Ra doesn’t love the guy even if he gave presents to her each day. Ba-Da eats the chocolate. She mentions He-Ra slept with Seon-U at Woo-Jin’s party. He-Ra reminds Ba-Da that He-Ra will kill her if He-Ra hears what she said.

He-Ra finds Ri-An in the classroom. She has a seat. Woo-Jin reminds He-Ra that it’s Jae-I’s seat. Jae-I shows up with Kang He when she lets her follower carry a seat into the classroom. Kang Ha reveals he’s going to take class with Jae-I. He-Ra tells Kang Ha that the class isn’t for everyone. Jae-I threatens He-Ra that she will make a class for her and Kang He if He-Ra is against it.

Jae-I and Kang Ha leave the classroom after the class. He-Ra asks Ri-An to tell Jae-I that he’s dating her. But he rejects it and he leaves the classroom. Kang Ha shows up in the hall. Chan-Min asks him for a talk. He gets on knees to him. He tells him that he did it because he had no choice. He reveals his father works for Jae-I’s father. He asks Kang Ha to hit him. Kang Ha leaves.

Ji-Su mentions Kang Ha. She asks Woo-Jin not to make a tragedy again. But he kisses her. He comforts her that she will be fine. He leaves. Kang Ha sees a note from his locker. The person persuades him not to provoke Ri-An. The note drops. Ri-An picks the note up. He throws it away.

Ri-An is in the field. Jae-I passes by. She ignores him and she walks away. Kang Ha texts someone. He asks her if she left the note in his locker. The scholarship students visit Kang Ha. They wish to know how did Kang Ha dated Jae-I.

Ri-An plays rugby in the field. He wins and he kisses He-Ra. She smiles to kiss him back. Jae-I watches it. Ye-Ji and Ba-Da walk He-Ra. Ba-Da thinks Ri-An was romantic. She realizes that the someone new was He-Ra. Ye-Ji reminds He-Ra that she’s the new queen because Ri-An chose her. Seon-U rides motorcycle to show up. He asks He-Ra for a talk. She leaves with him.

He-Ra gives Seon-U a slap. She thinks he was rude. He asks her if she has feelings for Ri-An. She tells him not to cross the line. She tries to leave. He asks her why she slept with him. She reveals the girls wondered how he would act when he was in bed. He learns that she’s a bad woman. He threatens to tell Ri-An that they slept together. But she doesn’t care for it. The bodyguard comes to pick up He-Ra. She blames him for his late.

Hui-Seon downloads the students’ videos. She visits Hye-Won. She gives the videos to Hye-Won. Hye-Won mentions her son thought she doesn’t care for him. So she does so. Kang Ha meets with Tae-Ho. Ju-Won sees them leaving. He remembers Tae-Ho had a fight with Kang Ha.

Tae-Ho goes to the cafe with Kang Ha. He explains it to him that he did it because he worried that others know his background. But Kang Ha knows Tae-Ho tried to help In-Han. Tae-Ho asks Kang Ha not to provoke Ri-An. But Kang Ha rejects it. Because he thinks Ri-An killed his brother. He decides to collect evidence. He asks Tae-Ho to help him get the combination of Ri-An’s lock. Ju-Won overhears it.

Jae-I meets with Ri-An at his house. She asks him not to get He-Ra involved. He-Ra calls Ri-An. He lets her come to his house. He-Ra is in the car. She talks with Ye-Ji over the phone. She’s excited to tell her that Ri-An let her come to his house.

He-Ra arrives at Ri-An’s house. She sees Jae-I’s car. She’s close to the car. But Jae-I shows up behind her. It startles He-Ra. Jae-I tells He-Ra not to play the little game with Ri-An. She leaves. He-Ra gets into Ri-An’s house. She’s very happy.

Jae-I is in her room. She receives some photos from the guy. Jae-Hyeok walks into her room. He informs her that their father summoned her. She meets with Ki-Young in his study. He asks her to meet with Chairman Park’s second son at the party.

Kang Ha waits for Jae-I. He gives her a ride and he takes her to enjoy the food. But she asks him not to like her. She reveals she spent with him because of her goodwill. But he tells her that he worries about her. He tells her that he was just kidding then. She’s furious to leave.

He-Ra arrives at the school. She gets a call from Jae-I. She meets with her at a bar. Ha-Ra cries to tell Jae-I that she tried to reject Ri-An. She thinks it hurt Jae-I. But Jae-I denies it. She tells He-Ra that she’s not match for Ri-An. She leaves the bar.

Ki-Young chooses a dress for Jae-I. He puts the necklace on her. She remembers what Kang Ha said that he knows she’s lonely and afraid. He-Ra and her father are in the car. He-Ra wears a new dress. Byung-Geun thinks his daughter dressed up for someone. He-Ra reveals she has a new boyfriend. He learns that she’s Jae-I’s friend. He asks her to let Jae-I introduce him to Jae-I’s father.

Kang Ha runs into Jae-I at the party. He thinks she’s pretty. He tries to touch her. But she avoids it. She asks him about the reason why he cared for her. He reveals he did it because she’s pretty. But she tells him that she thought he concealed something from her when he smiled at her. She walks away.

Hye-Won arrives at the hotel with Ri-An. She tells him that she came to show her attention as his mother. She walks into the hotel with him. The people greet them. She mentions there was no parent bringing such a social power like her.

Ki-Young walks into the party when Hye-Won is giving a speech. Byung-Geun takes He-Ra aside. He asks her if she had a talk with Jae-I. She denies it and she sees Jae-I. She stops her and she asks her to introduce her father to her father. But Jae-I claims that her father is very busy. She leaves.

He-Ra finds Jae-I in the restroom. Jae-I tells He-Ra that she doesn’t want to help her. She leaves the restroom. Jae-I runs into Ri-An. He thinks she’s pretty enough to make him not fight with her. But she points out that they broke up.

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Ki-Young lets Jae-I introduce herself to Chairman Park. But Chairman Park thinks Jooshin and Jaeyul are going to walk together when he sees Jae-I and Ri-An. But Ki-Young and Hye-Won deny it. He-Ra walks to Ki-Young. She introduces Kang-Ha to him. She reveals Kang Ha is Jae-I’s boyfriend. She tells Ki-Young that Kang Ha is a scholarship student. Ki-Young looks at his daughter.

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