Hierarchy: Episode 5 Recap

Jae-I tears up after knowing the scholarship student she killed is Kang Ha’s brother in Hierarchy: Episode 5. It flashes back. In-Han hits Ri-An with the ball by mistake at the playground. Yun-Seok takes his followers to beat In-Han.

Jae-I and Jae-Hyeok are in the classroom. Jae-Hyeok laughs when Jae-I looks at the photo of her and Ri-An in his phone. He threatens her that he will let their father know it if she doesn’t give the inheritance to him. He leaves the classroom.

Hierarchy: Episode 5

In-Han shows up. It seems that he fled to the classroom after he was beaten by Yun-Seok. He gives the candy to Jae-I. Because he believes that the sweet can help her. They watch a movie together. Jae-I laughs when she watches the movie. But Ri-An shows up with his followers.

We return to the scene Jae-I knows the truth that Kang Ha is In-Han’s brother. Kang Ha tells Jae-I that he doesn’t believe that In-Han was killed by the hit-and-run. He admits to her that he was close to her for the information. He asks her to help him. He grabs her hand when she tries to leave. Ri-An shows up. He punches Kang Ha. It reminds Jae-I In-Han when Ri-An fights with Kang Ha. She stops Ri-An. He hugs her and he promises to be by her side.

Hui-Seon summons Kang Ha to her office after knowing he’s In-Han’s brother. She asks him to transfer. But he rejects it. So she lets Ji-Su expel him. But he takes out the recording he just recorded. She says in the recording that all of the scholarship students are outsiders. He threatens her with the recording.

Ri-An and Yun-Seok are in the changing room to get changed. Ri-An asks Yun-Seok to get rid of Kang Ha. But Yun-Seok worries that Jae-I will stop him. Ri-An tells Yun-Seok that Jae-I isn’t a problem anymore. Ri-An meets with Woo-Jin. Woo-Jin thinks Jae-I has a season for wanting to go to the United State.

Ri-An claims that he’s going to protect Jae-I. Woo-Jin reminds Ri-An that He-Ra confessed her feelings to him. Ri-An persuades Woo-Jin to accompany He-Ra. Jae-I and Chairman Park’s son are in the car. He wonders why she doesn’t talk with him. He reminds her that they won’t get together when they’re in New York. She ignores him and she gets off the car.

Ri-An gets off his car at the same time. He walks to Jae-I. He asks her for a talk. They walk to the sea. Ri-An worries that Kang Ha will hurt Jae-I. But Jae-I thinks Kang Ha isn’t a monster. She reminds Ri-An that she’s going to leave with Seon-Jun.

He doesn’t wish her to leave. But she thinks they will ruin someone else if they get together. He insists on being her side. He confesses his feelings to her. But she tells him that she doesn’t like him. She leaves. Jae-I returns home. She hears the laughter coming from Jae-Hyeok’s room.

She walks into the room and she sees He-Ra. He-Ra gives Jae-I a hug. She tells her that she worried about her. Jae-Hyeok leaves with the invitation. He-Ra gives an invitation to Jae-I. She reveals she prepared a farewell party for Jae-I. She asks Jae-I not to flirt with Ri-An because she has confessed her feelings to Ri-An.

He-Ra remembers Jae-Hyeok promised to give something to her. But he asked her to pay him back. He-Ra tells Jae-I that she ever treated her as her friend. Jae-I gives He-Ra a hug. She tells her that she won’t attend the party. She lets her enjoy the celebration on her own. He-Ra talks about Jae-I’s last words with Byung-Geun at home. She thinks Jae-I wasn’t sincere. She asks him to make her perfect.

Yun-Seok bullies Tae-Ho in the classroom after knowing Tae-Ho was Kang Ha’s friend. Kang Ha stops Yun-Seok. He has a fight with him. Ju-Won catches the chance to take Tae-Ho to the restroom. Kang Ha finds Tae-Ho. He brings the water to him. He promises to make Yun-Seok not bully him. But Tae-Ho doesn’t wish Kang Ha to kill Yun-Seok. He chooses to stay in Jooshin. Because it’s what his father wishes him to do. He cries to tell Kang Ha that he cannot help him anymore.

Ju-Won walks into a room. He takes out a laptop. He sends the footage to Jae-I. He thinks she and Ri-An should pay back for it. Jae-I arrives at the school. She remembers He-Ra told her that the anonymous account came from the school. Ju-Won bumps her. He apologizes to her.

Kang Ha runs into Jae-I in the school. They have a meeting. Jae-I reveals In-Han ran out of Woo-Jin’s party after In-Han was bullied. Kang Ha thinks Ri-An was the culprit. But Jae-I asks him to blame her instead. Because she thinks In-Han wouldn’t be bullied if she wasn’t close to him.

She reveals there was a person in the school threatening her and Ri-An. She begs him to help Ri-An. But he rejects it because he thinks he has the same goal as the person. But she tells him that she will fall with Ri-An if Ri-An falls. She thinks there’s nobody helping her except him. She tears up. He sheds his tears as well. He blames her to letting him help his enemy. He leaves.

He-Ra is outside to call someone. Woo-Jin shows up. He thinks she’s waiting for him. She gets in his car. Ji-Su stands on the street to wait for Woo-Jin. But his car ignores her and it leaves. She calls Woo-Jin. He doesn’t pick up her phone.

He-Ra thinks Woo-Jin is seeing someone. She tells him not to conceal a secret from her because she’s in anger. He persuades her not to be greedy because he worries about her. She arrives at her house and she gets off his car. She sees some people walking out of her house.

She walks into her house and she sees the seals. She walks into her room and she sees the dress on the bed. She learns that his father prepared the dress for her. She finds her mother Song-I. She asks her what happened. Song-I cries to hug He-Ra. She doesn’t know what to do.

Kang Ha and the scholarship students are in the classroom. The scholarship students talk about He-Ra inviting them to the farewell party. They worry that they will be bullied again. Kang Ha persuade them to face it. Hui-Seon shows up. She throws a fit to the scholarship students because she thinks they shouldn’t stay in the special classroom.

Manager Kim reports to Ri-An that she has prepared everything. But she worries that Hye-Won will find it out. Ri-An claims that he will take the duty. Jae-I is going to leave home. Seon-Jun promises Ki-Young that he will take care of Jae-I. He puts his hand on Jae-I’s shoulder. She glares at him. Jae-Hyeok is happy that Jae-I is going to leave. He laughs to tell her not to come back.

The party begins. Ye-Ji and Ba-Da dance at the party. Ye-Ji thinks the party is for He-Ra because Jae-I has left. He-Ra shows up. Woo-Jin notes that she wears normal. But he thinks she’s still pretty. She claims that she will get Ri-An for avoiding the problem.

Kang Ha arrives at the party. He thanks He-Ra for inviting him. He decides to have fun there. Ju-Won is on the second floor at the party. He’s nervous after he received a message from someone. It seems that the person knows he was the person who sent the videos to threaten Jae-I. Kang Ha shows up behind Ju-Won. We learn that he has found the truth.

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He-Ra waits for Ri-An outside the hotel. She receives a photo from Ye-Ji. She finds out that Seon-Jun was arrested because he used drugs. Ri-An drives the car into the party. Jae-I follows him to get off the car. Seon-Jun was arrested at the airport when he and Jae-I were going to go to New York. Ri-An showed up. He held Jae-I’s hand. He took her away. Ri-An holds Jae-I’s hand in front of the people. He-Ra realizes that Ri-An stopped Jae-I from leaving. Ri-An announces that Jae-I is his girl. He tells Kang Ha not to be close to Jae-I. Kang Ha asks Ju-Won for the videos.

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