Hierarchy: Episode 2 Recap

Woo-Jin sleeps with her teacher Ji-Su last night in Hierarchy: Episode 2. She gives him a goodbye kiss and she leaves his house. Ri-An is in his room alone. He remembers he beat Kang Ha after Kang Ha kissed Jae-I. His mother Hye-Won returns home.

Manager Kim takes the maids to welcome Hye-Won. She sees the leaf on the ground. She steps on the leaf to conceal it. Hye-Won walks into the house. She gives the presents to the maids. Ri-An shows up. Hye-Won is happy to see her son. She thinks he’s a senior.

Hierarchy: Episode 2

But he tells her that he’s a junior. She leaves and she goes to her study. Ri-An tells his mother that he needs her attention. He walks out of his house and he chooses a car. Kang Ha arrives at the school. He’s happy when he sees Tae-Ho. But Tae-Ho shakes off Kang Ha’s hand. He leaves.

He-Ra, Ye-Ji and Ba-Da talk about Kang Ha. Ye-Ji doesn’t believe that Jae-I will get together with Kang Ha. But He-Ra disagrees because she thinks Jae-I has feelings for Kang Ha. She claims that she won’t choose a weak man. Kang Ha runs into Ri-An in the school.

Ri-An remembers the scholarship student persuaded him not to provoke Ri-An. She thought Ri-An killed In-Han for Jae-I. Ri-An walks into the room. He asks Jae-I why she let Kang Ha kiss her. She thinks it’s not his business because they’re just friends now. He thinks she just used Kang Ha to break up with him. He swears to find the truth. He leaves her room.

Ri-An walks out of the room. Yun-Seok follows him. He offers to take care of Kang Ha quietly. But Ri-An wishes to crush Kang Ha. But Yun-Seok thinks they should keep a low profile because In-Han just passed away. He accepts the order in the end.

Yun-Seok gathers the scholarship students together. He punishes them to stand against the wall in the classroom. He kicks Chan-Min and he scolds him. Chan-Min reveals he had some plans. Kang Ha laughs and he mocks Chan-Min. Chan-Min is furious to rush to Kang Ha. He tries to slap him. But Kang Ha stops Chan-Min. He takes his hand. He releases him when Jae-I walks into the classroom. Chan-Min takes the chance to hit Kang Ha. Ji-Su stops Chan-Min when she reminds him that he’s a senior. He leaves the classroom.

Kang Ha follows Jae-I after the class. He asks her for a talk. He apologizes to her for the kissing. But she thinks he just had fun at the party. She persuades him to drop out of the school. Because he provoked Ri-An. But he tells her that he likes it because she didn’t push him away when he kissed her. She leaves. He-Ra wonders why Kang Ha chose Jae-I. He reveals he thought Jae-I was pretty.

Jae-I is in the car. She remembers Ri-An apologized to her. Ri-An watches the footage of him and Jae-I. They were very happy when they were at the swimming pool. Jae-I arrives at the hotel. Ri-An remembers he fed Jae-I ice cream. He-Ra walks into Ri-An’s room. He turns off the TV. She reveals she just saw Jae-I. She persuades him to date someone. But he asks her to look into why Jae-I broke up with him. But she rejects it because she’s Jae-I’s best friend.

Woo-Jin meets with Jae-I at a bar. He tells her that he knows she has a secret. He gets a call from someone. He tries to leave. She knows he has a secret as well. She receives a message from someone. The guy threatens to send the videos to her father if she continues to ignore him.

It flashes back. Jae-I tears up to throw away the stuff to the floor when In-Han walks into her room. She tells him that she’s sure about it. He wants to look for a way. She worries that her father will kill her like he did to her mother. In-Han gives Jae-I a hug. But she sees the camera pen in his pocket. He’s taken away then.

Woo-Jin returns to the bar. But Jae-I leaves. She and Ki-Young are in the wood. He asks her to shoot the hare. But he points his gun at her after he got a call from someone. We learn that it’s just the illusion of Jae-I. Ki-Young leaves.

He-Ra’s father Byung-Geun is making breakfast in the kitchen. His wife Song-I worries about his company. He comforts her that he will work with Jooshin soon. He-Ra shows up. Byung-Geun is happy to serve her the breakfast. She gets a message from Jae-I who asks for a meeting up.

Ri-An and Yun-Seok walk into the changing room. Kang Ha sees Yun-Seok putting some drugs into his locker. He remembers In-Han told him that he was drugged. He saw In-Han wearing a fish bracelet. Kang Ha is on the bus. He holds the fish bracelet. He remembers he threatened Ri-An that he will ruin his world.

Chan-Min tells the scholarship students that he wants to kill Kang Ha. Ju-Won overhears it. He walks into Hui-Seon’s office. He gives the papers to her. She tells her to be friends with Jae-I, Ri-An, He-Ra and Woo-Jin. We learn that Hui-Seon is Ju-Won’s mother. Ju-Won asks his mother how did she covered the death of In-Han. She pretends not to know what he means.

Kang Ha visits Ji-Su. He asks her to open Yun-Seok’s locker because he saw Ri-An put some drugs into Yun-Seok’s locker. He threatens to file a formal complaint if she doesn’t do so. He mentions she ignored it when she saw him being attacked.

She opens Yun-Seok’s locker. She finds the drugs Kang Ha talked about. She tells Kang Ha that it’s just xanax. Jae-I drinks coffee with He-Ra. She asks her to let a law firm to look into who sent anonymous messages to her. She reveals someone recorded it at Woo-Jin’s birthday party. He-Ra remembers she slept with Yun-Seok on Woo-Jin’s party. She calls the law firm.

Jooshin High School Students go on a trip. Ba-Da mentions Chan-Min is going to give Kang Ha a lesson. She wonders if Kang Ha will survive. Yun-Seok makes a bet with her. Tae-Ho joins them. Ju-Won walks Kang Ha outside. He persuades him to choose a popular session.

Kang Ha thanks Ju-Won. But Ju-Won asks Kang Ha not to talk to him in public. He-Ra meets Jae-I. She reveals she has contacted the law firm. She asks Jae-I to send the videos to her. But Jae-I rejects it. He-Ra realizes that Jae-I did something bad at the party.

Woo-Jin knocks at the door. He lets the two girls come out. They meet Ri-An outside. Jae-I tries to leave. But Ri-An stops her when he grabs her hand. He asks her not to avoid him because they’re friends. But she mentions what he said that he doesn’t know what he will do. She shakes off his hand. She leaves.

Woo-Jin goes to chase Jae-I. He-Ra joins Ri-An. She asks him if he thought about her plan. But he thinks it won’t work. She’s confident and she reveals she will play the role to make Jae-I jealous. She reminds him that Jae-I has feelings for Kang Ha.

Kang Ha bikes. He runs into Jae-I. She asks him to give her a ride. Ri-An and He-Ra see Jae-I on Kang Ha’s ride. Kang Ha bikes along the sea. Jae-I feels good. They stop at the house when it’s raining. He volunteers to give his clothes to her. But she rejects it.

She sees a dog. She’s very happy. But the dog shakes the rain to her. She laughs. Kang Ha tells Jae-I that she’s pretty when she laughs. He wonders why she didn’t laugh since she owns everything. She reveals she was raised not to laugh.

She wonders why he smiled when he was bullied for being poor. He reveals he didn’t realize that he’s poor until he came to the school. She has an eye contact with him. She walks in the rain. He stops her and he puts his clothes on her.

Chan-Min is outside Kang Ha’s house. He tells his followers to lock Kang Ha in the house when Kang Ha shows up. Kang Ha takes Jae-I to her house. She asks him to get into the house with her. Because she has a steam closet which can dry his clothes.

The teachers talk with Ji-Su about the rich students. They think the rich students gave Ji-Su a hard time. But Ji-Su reveals the one who gave her a hard time was someone else. Woo-Jin shows up. He reveals the principal wanted to see Ji-Su. Ji-Su leaves with Woo-Jin.

Woo-Jin complains to Ji-Su that she didn’t pick up his phone. He reveals he opened a wine in his room. She follows him out of the hotel. She sees Kang Ha getting into Jae-I’s house with Jae-I. Chan-Min feels cold when he stays outside Kang Ha’s house. He asks his follower to go to look for Kang Ha.

Kang Ha is in the room with Jae-I. She brings the clothes to him and she asks him to get changed. Ji-Su drinks with Woo-Jin in his room. She wonders if Kang Ha is close to Jae-I. Kang Ha watches movie with Jae-I. He leans his head on her shoulder when he dozes off.

She tells him to go to the bed if he’s sleepy. She reveals she didn’t hate it when he kissed her. He tries to kiss her again. Woo-Jin learns that Kang Ha is in Jae-I’s house with Jae-I. He reports it to Ri-An. Ri-An calls Hui-Seon. He asks her for the master key. Hui-Seon breaks into Jae-I’s house with Ri-An when Kang Ha is going to kiss Jae-I. She’s furious to drag Kang Ha aside when she scolds him.

Jae-I reads Kang Ha’s resume in the room. Kang Ha walks into the classroom. He sees his death portrait on his desk. It reminds him In-Han. He thinks his classmates are bad. He-Ra runs into Ri-An. She volunteers to join him to the disciplinary hearing. He agrees to date her. She’s very happy.

Hui-Seon accuses Kang Ha of breaking into Jae-I’s house in the hearing. Ji-Su asks Kang Ha to explain it. But he knows she won’t believe him even if he does so. Jae-I breaks into the hearing. She tells that people that she invited Kang Ha. She takes Kang Ha to leave the hearing.

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Ri-An runs into Jae-I and Kang Ha. He threatens Jae-I that he’s going to take action on Kang Ha. But she tells him that she likes Kang Ha when she holds Kang Ha’s hand. He reminds her that it’s Jooshin. But she claims that she’s Jae-I. She takes Kang Ha outside. She takes a look at the fish bracelet on his hand. She remembers the happy hour she spent with In-Han. She wonders why Kang Hua came to the school. He realizes that she knew the truth.

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