Hierarchy: Episode 4 Recap

In-Han runs along the street when someone drives the car to chase him in Hierarchy: Episode 4. He runs to an alley. He calls someone and he swears to expose it. He’s hit by the car when he walks out of the alley. The car’s window is broken. Woo-Jin gets the phone from the car. He leaves the parking lot.

Tae-Ho and Kang Ha sneak into the changing room in the evening. Kang Ha believes that there will be drugs in Ri-An’s locker. Tae-Ho opens the locker for Kang Ha. Kang Ha sees some photos of Ri-An and Jae-I on the door of the locker. He finds out that Jae-I smiles in the photo.

Hierarchy: Episode 4

It flashes back. Jae-I smiles when she has fun with the dog on the beach. Ri-An films her. They have a kiss. She’s pretty in his camera. He carries her to spin around. She’s very happy. She’s in his arm when they’re on the couch. They forget their identities and they only have each other in their eyes.

Ri-An is in the car. He gets a call from Hye-Won who’s on a plane. She asks him about how he felt about yesterday. She reminds him that she loves him very much. She persuades him not to get caught in scandals. He returns home. Manager Kim asks him to go to get changed because his classes are ready. But he wants to take a break.

Ri-An visits Woo-Jin. Woo-Jin’s mother Kyung-Won cooks a seaweed soup for Ri-An. She leaves with her husband. Ri-An tastes the seaweed soup. He has feelings that he’s at home. He decides to visit Woo-Jin often. He mentions he felt warm when he was with Jae-I. He worries about her after what happened at the end of episode 3.

Ki-Young teaches Jae-I and Jae-Hyeok to use a gun in the room. He thinks Jae-I just took pity on the scholarship student. Jae-Hyeok laughs and he badmouths Jae-I’s mother. Ki-Young gives his son a slap and he lets him leave his room.

Jae-I admits to her father that she took pity on the scholarship student. She apologizes to him. He asks her to prepare for moving to New York. She leaves his room. Jae-Hyeok is waiting for her. He blames her to letting him get slapped. He reminds her the deal they made.

Ri-An arrives at the school. He-Ra is happy to take his arm. Ye-Ji sees it. She thinks He-Ra used Ri-An as a shield. Jae-I meets with Kang Ha on the campus. She apologizes to him for what her father did to him. He remembers her father asked him to close his mouth.

He claims that he’s fine. He thanks her for helping him when he was wronged. She lets him avoid those people. She tries to leave. But he stops her. He wonders why she ran away from Ri-An since she loves Ri-An. She thinks he crossed the line. He asks her to go out with him. He promises to make her smile again.

Jae-I remembers In-Han said same words to her. She rejects it because she thinks she should survive first. She leaves. He-Ra and Ri-An walk in the hall. They run into Hui-Seon. Hui-Seon asks Ri-An for thanking his mother for her. But he tells her to thank his mother on her own.

Ji-Su watches it from her room. She wonders who’s the leader of the school. Woo-Jin reveals it’s the one with power. He buttons up Ji-Su. Someone texts him and she asks him to come to the hall. It makes Ji-Su believe that Woo-Jin doesn’t love her. He gives a present to her.

Ji-Su is happy to walk in the hallway with the bag Woo-Jin bought her. She bumps Jae-I and she asks her to apologize to her. She asks her for a talk. Because she knows she went out with the scholarship student. She claims that she does it for preventing the tragedy. Jae-I mentions the bag Ji-Su carries. She thinks Ji-Su is more anxious than her.

Hui-Seon returns to her office. She’s surprised to see Ju-Won walking out of her office. He explains it to her that he came to take the house key. He helps Tae-Ho study in the library. He tells him that he saw him meeting with Kang Ha at the cafe. He thinks Kang Ha is like In-Han.

Kang Ha watches the footage. He sees Chan-Min taking the scholarship students to bully In-Han at a nightclub. He-Ra finds Kang Ha. She thinks he should thank her for letting him meet with Jae-I’s father. But he blames her for putting Jae-I on the spot.

She brings up the kid who’s dead after he was close to Jae-I. He thinks Ri-An killed the kid. But she disagrees because she thinks Ri-An wouldn’t do that because he’s the heir of Jooshin. She reveals Jae-I killed the kid. Jae-I is in the classroom. Someone sends a photo to her. She leaves the classroom. Kang Ha follows her. He-Ra fails to stop Ri-An from following Jae-I.

Jae-I and Kang Ha pass through Ji-Su in the hallway when Ji-Su is happy to text Woo-Jin. Kang Ha tries to stop Jae-I when he wishes to know what happened. But she shakes off his hand and she walks away. Ri-An stops Kang Ha. He thinks Jae-I was anxious because of Kang Ha. Yun-Seok shows up to help Ri-An. Kang Ha brings up the student Yun-Seok killed. Ri-An asks Kang Ha who he is.

Ri-An does fencing with Woo-Jin in the gym. He defeats him. He asks him to look into Kang Ha. Because he noted that the kid doesn’t fear him. He-Ra meets with Jae-I at a bar. She reports to her that the culprit comes from their school. She decides to not to be her friend. She confesses it to her that she has loved Ri-An. Jae-I thinks it will be better if Ri-An gets together with He-Ra. She tells He-Ra that she doesn’t get angry because they’re not friends. She leaves the bar.

He-Ra remembers the friendship of her and Jae-I. She cries in the car. She overheard her father told with someone over the phone. She learned that his father’s company is going under. Jae-I goes the the restaurant. Her father arranges a blind date for her and Chairman Park’s son.

Woo-Jin texts Ji-Su. He asks her for the records of Kang Ha and In-Han. She agrees to it. Woo-Jin meets with Ri-An. They get nothing from the records. Kang Ha meets with Tae-Ho at a cafe. Kang Ha mentions He-Ra thought Jae-I killed In-Han. But he doesn’t believe that Jae-I would do that.

Jae-I meets with Chairman Park’s son at the restaurant. He decides to marry her after he saw her. But she vomits to him after she saw the photo of the pregnancy kit the anonymous account sent to her. She passes out. Ri-An finds out that Jae-I didn’t come to the school. Kang Ha waits outside Jae-I’s house.

He-Ra meets with Jae-Hyeok at a bar. She tells him that she knows he hates his sister very much. His smiling is frozen. Ri-An finds Kang Ha in the classroom. He asks him why Jae-I didn’t come to the school. Kang Ha refuses to leak it. Ri-An learns that Kang Ha doesn’t know it as well.

He-Ra meets with Woo-Jin. She reveals Jae-I is exile after Jae-I ruined the dinner. She asks him not to tell it to Ri-An that Jae-I is in the vacation house. She shows him her new dress. She flirts with him. It makes him close his eyes. She learns that she’s pretty. She leaves the cafe.

Ri-An calls Jae-I. She doesn’t pick up his phone. She walks on the beach. Kang Ha finds Jae-I’s vacation home after He-Ra gave the message to him. Jae-I returns to her vacation home. She sees Kang Ha. He follows her into the house and he wants to help her.

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He asks her not to push him away. He grabs her hand. She throws a fit to him. She reveals she was threatened. She confesses it to him that she killed someone. He-Ra visits Ri-An. She reveals Jae-I is in the vacation home. She asks him to date her since Jae-I is going to go to New York. But he runs out of his room. She sees the photos on the table. She learns that Kang Ha and In-Han are twins. Jae-I tells Kang Ha that she killed In-Han. He reveals In-Han is his brother.

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