Hierarchy: Episode 6 Recap

Jae-Hyeok films Jae-I and Ri-An outside when the two are kissing on the couch inside the house in Hierarchy: Episode 6. Kang Ha watches the footage at the party. He-Ra is on the way home. She remembers she blamed Ri-An for rejecting her in such a way.

He-Ra swore to take revenge for Jae-I and Ri-An. Jae-I got in Ri-An’s car. Ri-An left with her. He-Ra threw a fit to them. Woo-Jin stopped her. He’s at the party. He remembers He-Ra asked him to make a choice. Ji-Su is in the car. The car’s window is broken. It seems that the car is the one which hit In-Han. Ji-Su drives the car away.

Hierarchy: Episode 6

He-Ra takes the cab to arrive at the house. Byung-Geun is waiting for her. He tells her that she needs to live at the hotel. He lets his follower take her to the suit. Ri-An takes Jae-I to the restaurant. He mentions she likes the food at the restaurant. She asks him to apologize to Kang Ha. But he rejects it because he never did that to anyone.

Woo-Jin is studying at home. His mother reveals his father is going to run for president. So his father needs the support of Jaeyul. She shows him Jae-I’s photo. She reveals Jae-I visited an ob-gyn in the United States. Jae-I runs into Kang Ha at the school. He’s taken away by Ju-Won.

Ji-Su shows up behind Jae-I. She tells her that she worries about her because she didn’t go to the United States. Jae-I scolds Ji-Su. She tails Kang Ha and she finds out that he gathers with some scholarship students. Kang Ha persuades the students to gather the evidence. But one of the students thinks Kang Ha is using them. Kang Ha reminds them that they will hold back all their lives if they don’t so.

Ju-Won persuades Kang Ha to be careful. He reveals the school knows everything. We see Ju-Won taking away the USB from Hui-Seon’s laptop. Ju-Won doesn’t tell Kang Ha the details about where he got the videos. He asks him to release Jae-I and Ri-An’s video with him. But Kang Ha rejects it. It makes Ju-Won realize that Kang Ha likes Jae-I.

Woo-Jin calls He-Ra. She doesn’t pick up his phone. He blames Jae-I for hurting everyone. We see Jae-I, He-Ra, Woo-Jin and Ri-An were very happy when they played game together at the house. Jae-I thinks she doesn’t deserve Ri-An. She promises Woo-Jin to try her best to protect their friendship. But she asks him which woman he loves.

He-Ra meets with Seon-U at the club. He’s very happy that she’s dating him. But she lets him not have feelings for bad girls. She runs into Jae-Hyeok. He sends a video to her. She finds him outside the bar. She’s furious to give him a slap. She cries for Jae-I.

Jae-I finds Kang Ha when he’s having fun with some kids in the market. They go to the playground. He lets her taste the ice cream when they’re on the swings. She wonders why he’s away so happy. He tells her that he wishes her to be happy.

Kang Ha reveals he has found who threatened Jae-I. He tells Jae-I that he’s going to team up with the people for taking revenge for In-Han. But he wants to protect her as well. She claims that she will guard Ri-An if he dares to hurt Ri-An.

Ri-An walks into Hye-Won’s study. He informs Hye-Won that he’s dating Jae-I. He leaves her study. Woo-Jin returns to his house. He finds out that Ji-Su has fixed the car. They’re in the house. Ji-Su confesses her feelings to Woo-Jin. But he doesn’t like her. She realizes that he loves He-Ra deeply. He asks her to leave the car key. But she rejects it because she thinks only the key can protect her.

Ki-Young asks Jae-I to shoot the hare in the woods. But she shoots the sky. She tells his father that she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She gives up the gun and she leaves. Ri-An receives a footage of him and Jae-I. He’s furious to ask Manager Kim to look into who sent the footage to him. He lets his followers make sure that the video won’t get spread.

Jae-I sees the news in her study. She learns that He-Ra’s father’s company is going to go bankrupt. Ba-Da worries about He-Ra after knowing the bad news in the classroom. But the girl laughs when she thinks He-Ra isn’t a queen anymore.

Ri-An takes Jae-I outside. He reveals there was a person filming them when they were in the vacation home. He hugs Jae-I. He promises to protect her. Kang Ha visits Hui-Seon. He threatens her that he will release the bomb if she doesn’t punish the bullies.

Kang Ha walks out of Hui-Seon’s office. Ju-Won is furious to grab Kang Ha’s collar. He blames him for visiting Hui-Seon instead of attacking Ri-An. He learns that Kang Ha did it for protecting Jae-I. Jae-I shows up. She learns that Ju-Won was the one who sent the video to her.

She meets with Kang Ha on the rooftop. She claims that she will tell everything to the school and her father. She believes that they will take care of it even if she knows she will be sent to New York. He learns that she does it for protecting Ri-An.

But he still insists on executing his plan. She has to confess it to him that she was pregnant and she lost the baby. She reveals Ri-An knows nothing about it. Jae-I tells Kang Ha that she avoided Ri-An for forgetting the pain. But he let her remember the pain. She announces that she’s going to fight with him. He tears up.

Woo-Jin finds He-Ra in the suit at the hotel. He asks her to go to his studio. But she rejects it. She throws a fit to him and she claims that she will drop out. Because she hates Jae-I. He decides to take her side. He-Ra is in the room at the school. She’s going to sign the application form. Jae-I persuades her not to drop out. But He-Ra blames Jae-I for not treating her as her friend.

She goes to see Ri-An. She mentions someone filmed him and Jae-I at the vacation home. She reminds him that there was only one person who can do that. Ri-An breaks into the locker room to beat Jae-Hyeok. Kang Ha shows up. He stops Ri-An. He reminds him that Jae-I doesn’t wish him to do so. He mentions what Jae-I has endured for Ri-An. He asks Ri-An to protect Jae-I.

He-Ra returns to the suit at the hotel. She’s surprised to see Jae-I. Jae-I points at the dress. She thinks it’s very beautiful. But He-Ra mistakes that Jae-I is mocking her. Jae-I tells He-Ra that she has treated her as her friend.

He-Ra gets a call from her father. He brings a good news to her that Jaeyul saved their company. She realizes that Jae-I helped them. It flashes back. Ki-Young is furious to ask Jae-I to go to New York after knowing she was pregnant. But she asks him to help He-Ra’s father first.

We return to the present. Jae-I asks He-Ra to visit her in New York. She leaves her suit. Jae-I returns home. She finds out that Ri-An is waiting for her. She meets with him by the lake. He blames her for enduring everything on her own when he tears up.

She learns that he knew the truth. He thinks he shouldn’t forgive himself. She tears up as well. She explains it to him that she ran away for protecting him. He hugs her and he apologizes to her. Ju-Won tries to share the video. But Kang Ha breaks Ju-Won’s phone. Ju-Won cries to remind Kang Ha about what the rich students did to In-Han.

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Ri-An visits Woo-Jin’s studio with tears. He tells Woo-Jin that he cannot stop the tears. We see Woo-Jin visiting Ki-Young with Jae-I’s photos at the hospital. He threatened him that he will spread Jae-I’s pregnancy photos if he doesn’t send Jae-I to New York. Woo-Jin gives Ri-An a hug.

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