Do You Like Brahms: Episode 3

Song-A gives the CD to Joon-Young and asks for his autograph. She tells him that she’s his fan. It makes him laugh. He mentions what she said that he wasn’t too good today. She denies and tells him that she liked it today. But she prefers it when he played before.

Do You Like Brahms: Episode 3

Song-A tells Joon-Young that it was very nice today. So he asks her if she became his fan after today and bought it. She smiles to admit it, and tells him to sign it for her. He agrees to it and asks the bar owner for a permanent marker.

Do You Like Brahms: Episode 3

Song-A goes out after she received a message from Min-Sung who wants to drink at Song-A’s place. Song-A returns to the bar, and Joon-Young asks to give his autograph later as the bar owner doesn’t have a marker. She asks him if she can sit next to him. He agrees to it.

Joon-Young tells Song-A that he goes to the bookstore and plays the sunflower in the palace grounds. She is surprised. He says that the palace is lovely. She laughs and thinks he’s old-fashioned. He admits it and thinks everything has changed when he comes to Seoul. But the palace looks the same.

Joon-Young tells Song-A that he keeps thinking of the palace. She thinks his music is still live because he’s loved for a long time. He asks her what memory first comes to mind when she thinks of competitions. She thinks it’s practicing. But he says that it’s silence.

Jung-Kyung texts Joon-Young and asks him if he got home. He tells her that he arrives at his place, and reveals he had a dinner with Song-A. She asks him to go to the concert with her, and reveals Hyun-Ho is the guest cellist. He agrees to it.

Song-A texts Min-Sung and feels sorry. She asks her for meeting up. Young-In gets a call from someone, and she is told that the accompanying pianist fainted. She reports it to Moon-Sook and wants to get Joon-Young to play. But Moon-Sook tells Young-In to ask him herself as he will feel pressured if she asks.

Young-In goes out and tells the employees that Joon-Young isn’t picking up. She asks Song-A if Joon-Young will come to practice. Song-A denies. She goes to the bookstore to look for Joon-Young. But he’s not there. So she goes to the palace he mentioned, and sees him. He feels sorry to her and explains that he left his phone at home.

Hae-Na learns that Ji-Min will play. Young-In admits it and reveals Ji-Min is touring Japan. But he’ll free up one day for the performance. Hae-Na thinks she should get some tickets. Sung-Jae points out that they’ll sold out when people hear it. But Da-Woon says that they sold out already.

Sung-Jae reveals he felt upset when Joon-Young rejected. But it worked out. Young-In points out that Joon-Young’s concert would’ve sold out as well. Da-Woon sighs and thinks Joon-Young would’ve say yes if it weren’t his sabbatical. But Young-In says that it wasn’t because of that, and mentions what he said that he never played it before. She adds that it’s Brahms “Piano Concerto No. 1”.

Song-A returns home. Mom gives her two tickets to the concert. She calls Min-Sung and asks her if she’s free. But Min-Sung says that she has to go to the lab, and wants to talk about it later. Song-A asks Min-Sung if she’s sick. Min-Sung hangs up.

The man tells his girlfriend that he saw Joon-Young. She thinks Joon-Young would play it if Ji-Min wasn’t there. Jung-Kyung asks Joon-Young why he refused to play. The couple sees the two. Joon-Young tells Jung-Kyung not to do that as he thinks she’s humiliating Ji-Min. She asks him if he minds that others compare him to Ji-Min. He denies.

Song-A shows up and sits with Joon-Young. He asks her if her friend is late. She admits it. Ji-Min arrives and bows to the audience. Joon-Young applauds. He gives Ji-Min a hug after the performance.

Hyun-Ho walks into the restaurant with Song-A, Joon-Young and Jung-Kyung. He wants to see Dong-Yoon. Song-A calls Dong-Yoon, but he’s not picking up. Hyun-Ho asks Song-A why she calls Dong-Yoon CEO Yoon instead of his name. Jung-Kyung thinks Song-A and Dong-Yoon aren’t close. But Song-A denies.

Dong-Yoon stops Min-Sung and tells her not to tell Song-A that they slept together. Joon-Young hears the talk and remembers Song-A introduced Dong-Yoon as her guy friend. He stops Song-A from passing until Min-Sung leaves. She thinks the door didn’t open. He explains that he opened the door the wrong way.

Song-A wants to go to upstairs. But Joon-Young tells her that Dong-Yoon has a guest. Dong-Yoon arrives. Hyun-Ho asks Dong-Yoon why he didn’t answer Song-A’s phone. Dong-Yoon explains that he was with a guest. Hyun-Ho realizes that Song-A went to check if Dong-Yoon was there.

Dong-Yoon asks Song-A if she came upstairs. Joon-Young tells Dong-Yoon that he came upstairs for Song-A. Song-A tells Dong-Yoon that she likes Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”. He mentions Brahms’s “Violin Sonata No.1”. She says that she likes it too.

Hyun-Ho thinks most of people who play the violin like the song. He asks Joon-Young if she likes it. She says that she likes it because of the story. Dong-Yoon asks her about the story. She says that Brahms wrote a short melody for Clara and sent her a letter after hearing her kids passed away.

Hyun-Ho thinks it’s Brahms’s way of consoling Clara. But he thinks it would be better if he consoled her in person. Jung-Kyung points out that music was more comfortable than words to Brahms. She thinks he’s like Joon-Young. Dong-Yoon asks Joon-Young if he actually thinks music can provide consolation. Song-A points out that they should believe in it as they’re all people who chose to play music.

Song-A asks Dong-Yoon if he saw Min-Sung, and reveals Min-Sung asked for drinking. She adds that she told her to call him.

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