Hierarchy: Episode 1 Recap

The guy flees in the school. He calls someone and he tells him that everyone is insane in Hierarchy: Episode 1. He plans to report it. But he’s hit by a car. We learn that he’s In-Han. Ri-An arrives at the school. He gets off his car and he wears his fencing suit.

The principal Hee-Sun holds a opening ceremony. She gives a speech and she announces the beginning of the new semester. She lets the new scholarship student Kang Ha come to the stage. He-Ra introduces Kang Ha as a poor student. She thinks Ri-An’s parents did it for the Noblesse oblige.

Hierarchy: Episode 1

Ri-An walks into the hall when Kang Ha claims that he received full marks. He-Ra thinks Kang Ha is very cute. She tries to talk about it with Woo-Jin. But she sees the love photo of Ri-An and a girl in Ri-An’s phone. She’s not happy. Ri-An sends a message to Jae-I. He asks her why she did it to him.

The teacher Ji-Su announces the ending of the ceremony. Kang Ha tries to leave. But the student stops him until Ri-An leaves. Kang Ha asks the student about the location of the classroom. But the student thinks Kang Ha should know his place. He-Ra blocks Kang Ha’s way. She gets his number.

Kang Ha walks into the classroom. But the teacher tells him that he’s not allowed to be there because he’s a scholarship student. He goes to the scholarship student classroom. He tries to have a seat. But the girl tells him that the desk belongs to her. He finds his desk in the end. It’s a broken desk.

Ri-An swims in the swimming pool. He-Ra finds him. She invites him to have lunch with her. Ri-An, He-Ra and Woo-Jin have a meeting after they had lunch. Woo-Jin leaves. He-Ra thinks Woo-Jin is seeing someone. She lets Ri-An put the necklace on her.

She asks him to take a look at her when she strokes his leg. But he persuades her not to mess around. Jae-I arrives at the airport. He-Ra picks Jae-I up. The two are in the car. He-Ra asks Jae-I about what she did when she was in the United State. She complains to her that she ignored her calls. She learns that Jae-I had a fight with Ri-An. Jae-I asks He-Ra to summon everyone to the track.

Jae-I’s father Ki-Young holds a banquet. Jae-I attends the banquet. But she leaves the banquet soon. Ki-Young stops Jae-I. He asks her to go to get changed. He persuades her to wear dress like her mother. He wipes off her lipstick because he doesn’t like the color. Jae-I throws her dress to the glass. She begins to smoke when she’s against the wall. She sees Kang Ha and she asks him to take off his shirt. He takes off his shirt and he gives it to her. She wears his shirt and she leaves.

Jae-I arrives at the track when He-Ra and Woo-Jin are waiting for her. Woo-Jin gives Jae-I a hug. He notes the shirt she wears. He thinks it’s unique. Ri-An shows up. He stares at Jae-I. She offers to challenge him for a wish. He accepts her challenge because he wishes to hear her explanation.

They drive their race cars on the track. Jae-I wins. She asks Ri-An to break up with her. He-Ra and Woo-Jin leave the track. They don’t know what happened to Jae-I. Jae-I asks Ri-An to keep the promise. She walks away with tears. She remembers they loved each other very much.

Ri-An arrives at the school with a bandage on his hand. The girl notes it. She thinks he was hurt. He-Ra joins Jae-I in the classroom. She hands over the drink to her. She tries to talk with her about Ri-An. But Jae-I stops He-Ra. Kang Ha walks into the classroom. He recognizes Jae-I. He waves at her. But she ignores him.

Ji-Su summons the class president Ju-Won to her office. She asks him to keep an eye on Kang Ha for preventing the previous tragedy. Woo-Jin and Ri-An watch the rugby together. Woo-Jin thinks there’s no problem since Ri-An loves Jae-I. Ri-An remembers Jae-I told him that she doesn’t like him anymore.

He doesn’t know how did he upset Jae-I. Yun-Seok persuades Ri-An to go to apologize. He-Ra agrees to what Yun-Seok said because she thinks Jae-I is a girl as well. Kang Ha tries to sit on the bleachers. But he’s caught by the students.

Chan-Min persuades Kang Ha not to get on Ri-An’s nerves. He reveals the one who did so was killed by Ri-An. Kang Ha walks to Ri-An. He tries to shake hands with him. But Ri-An ignores Kang Ha and he walks away. He-Ra learns that Chan-Min gave Kang Ha a lesson. She comforts Kang Ha that Chan-Min just teased him. She reveals she prepared a welcome party for him.

He-Ra prepares the flowers in the room. She tells Ri-An that Jae-I loves the flowers very much. But we know the one who loves the flowers is He-Ra. He-Ra sends a message to Jae-I. She asks her to come to the party. Kang Ha arrives at He-Ra’s house. The guard doesn’t allow him to take the phone to get into the house.

Kang Ha walks into the house. He sees He-Ra dancing on the stage. She lets him drink the special wine. He turns around and he sees Jae-I who holds a wine. She leaves. He feels comfortable and he goes to the restroom to vomit. Jae-I meets with Ri-An in the room.

He takes out the flowers. He learns that it’s not her style. He apologizes to her. But she asks him to accept the breakup of them. Kang Ha plays the game with the people. He’s asked to have a French kiss with a girl. He walks away. He remembers he promised his older brother In-Han to find the person who killed him. He walks into Ri-An’s room and he kisses Jae-I. He-Ra smiles after she saw it.

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