Frankly Speaking: Episode 6 Recap

Woo-Joo finds Ki-Baek in the woods in Frankly Speaking: Episode 5. He tells her that she hurt him. She confesses her feelings to him. They walk out of the woods in episode 6. Jeong-Heon asks Woo-Joo if she’s fine. Yu-Yeong cries to run into K-Baek’s arms. She hugs him.

Chae Yeon learns that Woo-Joo’s leg was hurt. Ha-Young lets the photographer shoot Ki-Baek and Yu-Yeong because she thinks Yu-Yeong is confessing. Ki-Baek has an eye contact with Woo-Joo. Jeong-Heon notes it. He returns to the Heaven House with Ki-Baek.

Frankly Speaking: Episode 6

They sleep in the room together. Jeong-Heon reveals Woo-Joo didn’t like to be in the dark alone. Ki-Baek walks out of the house. He takes out the kitty drawing. He remembers he and Jeong-Heon gave the presents to the girl together when they were students.

Woo-Joo looks at the kitty drawing photo. She smiles. Jeong-Heon brings a beer to Woo-Joo. He regrets for dating her because he was a loser. She laughs. They’re on the way to the Heaven House. They run into Ki-Baek. Woo-Joo hides in a basin for avoiding Ki-Baek.

The cooking game begins. Everyone is cooking except Ki-Baek. Ha-Young tells Ki-Baek not to nervous. She hints at him that he just needs to cook for the girl he likes. But he asks her about the food she likes. She reveals she doesn’t eat anything when she works.

He learns that she was cranky because she was hungry. She claims that she needed to do something because Woo-Joo was soft. He gives two ham sausages to her. She leaves. The guests complete the cooking. Min-Gu notes that Ki-Baek put the trotter in his dish.

Ki-Baek carries his dish to walk to Yu-Yeong. He asks her to have breakfast with him. She agrees to it. He’s surprised and he takes a look at Jeong-Heon. Woo-Joo interviews Yu-Yeong. She asks her why she chose to have breakfast with Ki-Baek. Yu-Yeong reveals he chose the guy because he was genuine. Ki-Baek told Yu-Yeong that there’s a seaweed on her teeth. He gave a toothpick to her. He let her remove it when there wasn’t any camera.

Ki-Baek and Yu-Yeong have breakfast together. She tells the hint “Suzy” to him. He stands up after he realized something. The eighth guest Cho-Hui shows up with flower. Ki-Baek confesses it to Yu-Yeong that Cho-Hui was his first love.

The male guests begin to tangle Cho-Hui in the house after knowing their first love came. She makes an excuse to leave the house. She runs into Ki-Baek. She tells him that she’s nervous. He has the same feelings. He leaves with her.

Woo-Joo sees the two off. Jeong-Heon joins her. He’s surprised that she invited Cho-Hui. Cho-Hui is going to have a date with Jeong-Heon. But Chae Yeon asks Cho-Hui to invite another guy to her date. Cho-Hui chooses Ki-Baek. Un-Baek helps Chae Yeon carry the box to the ship. He thanks her for letting him take care of her.

Woo-Joo finds Ki-Baek on the ship. She apologizes to him. But he understands what she did because he was the one who gave the notebook to her. Cho-Hui shows up so that Woo-Joo leaves. Cho-Hui reveals she came to the show because she missed Ki-Baek.

Gu-Won and Yoo-Jung talk about Ki-Baek. We learn that Ki-Baek had a fight with Jeong-Heon for Cho-Hui ever. Bok-Ja goes out. Young-Won is waiting for her. He gives the flowers to her and he holds her hand. She tears up because she was moved.

Ki-Baek and Jeong-Heon go to the amusement park. Cho-Hui shows up. She sees Jeong-Heon taking photo with the fans. She learns that he’s popular. Jeong-Heon sees the pirate ship. He thinks Ki-Baek won’t be fine if he plays the pirate ship because Ki-Baek was scared when he played the horror game.

Cho-Hui plans not to ride the pirate ship since Ki-Baek cannot do that. He claims that he’s a brave man. The kid recognizes Ki-Baek. He sprays the bubbles to Ki-Baek. Ki-Baek sneezes. Ki-Baek, Cho-Hui and Jeong-Heon are on the ride. Ha-Young lets Woo-Joo be on the ride because she thinks Woo-Joo should guide the guests how to have fun.

The game begins. Ki-Baek worries that Woo-Joo will trip because the machine keeps shaking. He rushes to her and he grabs her leg for protecting her. Jeong-Heon takes photos with the fans. The fans ask him to buy them meal. It makes him feel uncomfortable. Ki-Baek scolds the fans. But he’s carried away by Un-Baek.

Woo-Joo notes that Jeong-Heon is uncomfortable. She takes him aside. He thinks it’s just a little case because he was slapped for not smiling. He asks her about Ki-Baek. She meets with Ki-Baek and she blames him for causing trouble.

But he blames her for using his personal memories instead. He feels betrayed. He promises not to be the worse guy. They walk out of the waiting room. They hear what I-Na said that Ki-Baek is her hero. Woo-Joo is very happy. Yu-Yeong stays in the room with Cho-Hui.

Yu-Yeong reveals she likes Ki-Baek. She reminds Cho-Hui that she’s 33 years old. The guests have a dinner together. Yu-Yeong prepares a birthday cake for Cho-Hui. Woo-Joo gets a call from her mother. Her mother reminds her that it’s her birthday.

Jeong-Heon’s team prepares a birthday cake for Woo-Joo. Woo-Joo’s team feels guilty for forgetting Woo-Joo’s birthday. Woo-Joo interviews Jeong-Heon. She wishes him to get together with Cho-Hui. Cho-Hui finds Ki-Baek. He tells her that she’s still the Cho-Hui he knows.

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He confesses it to her that he likes someone but the girl isn’t her. She wishes him to be honest to her. He realizes something. He runs away. He finds Woo-Joo on the beach. He reveals he won’t confess his feelings to her because he worries that she will avoid him. He gives the spicy food to her for her birthday. She’s surprised that he knows she likes the food. He takes out a firework. He lights the firework and he wishes her a happy birthday. She notes that someone is setting off fireworks. She thinks it’s pretty. He takes a look at her face. He thinks she’s pretty.

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