Frankly Speaking: Episode 7 Recap

We return to eight years ago. Woo-Joo and Jeong-Heon are in love. Jeong-Heon’s mother visits Woo-Joo in Frankly Speaking: Episode 7. Woo-Joo explains it to the madam that she doesn’t live with Jeong-Heon. Jeong-Heon’s mother reveals her son wanted to get married. Woo-Joo introduces herself to the madam.

We get back to the present. Chae Yeon is upset after knowing Yu-Yeong ran away from the set. Woo-Joo goes to look for Yu-Yeong. Jeong-Heon recommends Woo-Joo when she just returns to the office. Chae Yeon is against it because Woo-Joo is the head writer. Ha-Young offers to remove Woo-Joo from the position of head writer. Woo-Joo agrees to Ha-Young’s plan because she doesn’t wish to show to go down.

Frankly Speaking: Episode 7

Chae Yeon tells the decision of the production team to the guests. Cho-Hui wonders why the team chose Woo-Joo. Jeong-Heon reveals he and Woo-Joo were in love. Woo-Joo meets with Ki-Baek. She apologizes to him for not taking care of him as a writer. He laughs and he claims that he’s confident. He teaches her not to be nervous in front of cameras.

The filming begins. Louis Kim brings the breakfast to the guests. Woo-Joo keeps making mistakes because she’s nervous. Chae Yeon wonders why Woo-Joo acted so as a camera expert. But Ha-Young finds something interesting. She hints at Chae Yeon that Jeong-Heon was jealous when Ki-Baek helped Woo-Joo take the tissue.

The male guests are required to choose the female guests’ belongings. Ki-Baek chooses Woo-Joo’s belonging. They team up and Woo-Joo drives the car when Ki-Baek is on the ride. They win the game after Woo-Joo bit the snack. Woo-Joo is excited.

Ki-Baek gets the ticket from the production team. But he doesn’t wish to have a date with Woo-Joo. He intends to take the ticket on his own. Woo-Joo wishes to get the ticket as well. She plays a slap game with Ki-Baek. She loses.

Bok-Ja comes ashore with Gu-Won. She gets a call from her new boyfriend who tells her that his mother wished to see her. Woo-Joo comes to pick up her mother and her son. Bok-Ja persuades Woo-Joo to wear good clothes because she’s going to be on the show.

Ki-Baek gives his ticket to Cho-Hui. They have a date. Ha-Young interviews Woo-Joo. She mentions Ki-Baek gave the date ticket to Cho-Hui. Woo-Joo pretends to be fine. Ki-Baek bikes with Cho-Hui. He gets rid of Min-Gu who’s holding a camera to shoot them.

Ki-Baek asks Cho-Hui why she did it to Yu-Yeong when they’re alone. Cho-Hui told Yu-Yeong that she knows she has a boyfriend. She threatened her that she’s going to report it to the production team if Yu-Yeong doesn’t leave the show. She didn’t know Ki-Baek heard the talk when he hid behind the tree.

Cho-Hui claims that she just told Yu-Yeong what she did was wrong because the girl told the production team a lie. Ki-Baek blames Cho-Hui for hurting Yu-Yeong’s heart. He confesses it to her that he doesn’t have feelings for Yu-Yeong. She realizes that the girl he loves is Woo-Joo.

Jeong-Heon runs into Woo-Joo. He explains it to her that he let her appear on the show because he didn’t wish her to work like a headless chicken. He tells her to hate him. But she doesn’t hate him because she understands why he did it to her.

The kid is interested in the chicken breast Un-Baek is eating. He wishes to exchange the chicken breast with his toy. But Un-Baek rejects it because he needs to build muscle with the food. Ki-Baek shows up. He recognizes the kid Gu-Won. He mistakes him for Woo-Joo’s child. But he finds out that he’s Chae Yeon’s son.

Un-Baek is shocked. His chicken breast drops. Gu-Won points out that Ki-Baek. He tells his mother that he likes the uncle. He runs into Ki-Baek’s arms. Un-Baek is lost to walk away. Cho-Hui visits Woo-Joo. She asks her why she hid the truth that she’s Jeong-Heon’s ex-girlfriend.

Jeong-Heon returns to the Heaven House. Bok-Ja recognizes him. She asks him to sign his autograph on her phone. He sees the group photo of her and Woo-Joo. He tries to introduce himself to her. But she’s taken away by Woo-Joo. The guests gather to drink in the evening.

I-Na tells the guests that the game is jenga. Woo-Joo shows up with a beautiful dress. Seong-Jun learns that the game is about truth or dare. Cho-Hui asks Jeong-Heon why he broke up with Woo-Joo. He reveals it was because of the broken microwave. But we know the truth because Jeong-Heon told a lie to his mother that Woo-Joo comes from teacher family. Woo-Joo doesn’t come from teacher family. She blamed Jeong-Heon for telling a lie. She thought he didn’t accept her and her mother in his mind. She had a fight with him.

Chae Yeon runs into Un-Baek who carries three boxes. She asks Min-Gu not to let Un-Baek carry more than two boxes. Gu-Won joins Chae-Yeon. Min-Gu reveals Chae-Yeon is a single mother. Un-Baek runs to Chae Yeon. He asks her for her number. She reveals he has gotten her number. She asks him to check the crew directory. But he checks the directory. He finds her number. He’s very happy. But he doesn’t know Gu-Won is glaring at him.

Woo-Joo agrees to go out with Jeong-Heon. He’s surprised. He takes her to the store. He buys her a pair of shoes. She learns that they’re going to go to pick up trash. Cho-Hui has a date with Ki-Baek. She takes out the cake she made. He eats the cake. She smiles. She begs him to like her before she ruins herself.

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Jeong-Heon takes Woo-Joo to the beach. He wishes her to throw away the old himself. Ki-Baek remembers Cho-Hui threatened him that she will ruin Woo-Joo if he doesn’t choose her. But he’s very happy when he thinks of Woo-Joo. He runs to the beach and he finds her. He confesses his feelings to her. He tells her that he wants to protect her. He puts her hand on his heart.

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