Frankly Speaking: Episode 11 Recap

Yoo-Jung wakes up and she goes to prepare the breakfast in Frankly Speaking: Episode 11. She tastes the food and she goes to the market to buy pork belly. The meat seller persuades Yoo-Jung to spend her son’s money. But Yoo-Jung rejects it. She asks the meat seller if she knows Gold Resort.

Yoo-Jung reveals her son kept asking her to enjoy the Gold Resort. She’s very happy. She leaves the market and she runs into Ki-Baek. He helps her carry the suitcase. He thinks he can eat out because he doesn’t wish her to work hard.

Frankly Speaking: Episode 11

She reveals Ms. Park in the singing class wished to invite him. He agrees to go to the singing class. But he asks her to sing. We return to the car accident. Ki-Baek arrives at the hospital. He sees all of his family except his mother.

He cries when he sees Yoo-Jung in the ICU. He remembers what the doctor told him that his mother won’t wake up. He joins his family. Poong-Baek cries to reveal that their mother was hurt for protecting them. Ki-Baek comforts his brothers that their mother will wake up soon.

Jeong-Heon is missing. Mi-Ra throws a fit to Hyeong-Taek. She asks him to go to look for Jeong-Heon. Jeong-Heon stays outside the house with the kid. The kid likes singing but he doesn’t dare to face people. He invites Jeong-Heon to come to his show.

Ki-Baek tries to leave the hospital. He runs into Joo-Ho. Joo-Ho reveals he saw the patient crying with happiness. He persuades Ki-Baek to cry later. Ki-Baek walks out of the hospital. Woo-Joo is waiting for him. She gives him a hug because she worries about him very much.

She intends to take him to eat. But he claims that he needs to work. He goes to see Mi-Ra. She gives some tasks to him. He asks her to pay him in advance. She agrees to it. He returns home when Poong-Baek is looking for the remote. He asks his brothers to go to make money.

Ki-Baek meets with Ji-Hu in the convenience store. Ji-Hu gives some money to Ki-Baek. He leaves the convenience store because he needs to take care of his daughter. Jeong-Heon works in the hospital as a caregiver. The patients in the hospital don’t recognize him.

Ki-Baek goes to the hair salon to see Woo-Joo. He thinks it will be their last meeting until his mother wakes up. She washes hair for him. She kisses his forehead when he falls asleep. In-Soo drives his van to the house to see the man Gu-Pal. There’re some goods in the van.

Bok-Ja wears the beautiful heels. She’s going to go out for a date. She asks Woo-Joo about Ki-Baek. Woo-Joo reveals Ki-Baek told her that he’s fine. Bok-Ja thinks it’s a lie. She learns that Woo-Joo didn’t go to see her mother. Gu-Won bikes with Chae Yeon. He reveals his girlfriend cheated on him. He agrees to let her get together with Un-Baek. He believes that she will break up with the guy soon.

Woo-Joo works in the office alone. Ha-Young shows up. Woo-Joo shows her proposal to Ha-Young. Ha-Young tells Woo-Joo to let her know if Woo-Joo needs her help. She asks her about Ki-Baek. Ki-Baek hosts the children event with the clown. The clown tells Ki-Baek to smile.

Ki-Baek sends a smiling photo to Woo-Joo. She’s very happy. She takes out her mother’s number. She meets with her mother in the park. Woo-Joo’s mother regrets for giving up Woo-Joo. She cries. Woo-Joo gives her mother a hug. She thanks her.

Ki-Baek follows Woo-Joo on the street. He stops her. He holds her hand and she reveals she met her mother. He puts the bunny balloon on her. He thinks she’s very cute. He smiles to tell her that he had a great day. She thinks his smiling is fake. She returns home when Bok-Ja sleeps on the couch. She sleeps with her.

Ki-Baek runs into In-Soo. But In-Soo runs away. Ki-Baek finds out that his younger brother became a deliveryman. In-Soo is outside Gu-Pal’s house. He calls Gu-Pal. But the guy doesn’t pick up his phone. Woo-Joo works in her office. She tries to call Ki-Baek. But she remembers he told her that he’s fine. She gets a call from the chief. The chief rejects Woo-Joo’s plan.

Min-Gu and I-Na volunteer to join Woo-Joo’s plan. Woo-Joo gets a message from Hyeong-Taek. Ki-Baek receives the payment from Mi-Ra. Woo-Joo finds Ki-Baek at the playground. She gets angry after knowing he told a lie to her. He confesses it to her that he told a lie to her because he worried that she would be heartbroken if she knew the truth.

Woo-Joo complains it to Ki-Baek that she worried about him very much. He gives her a hug. She asks him not to hide anything from her. Jeong-Heon takes care of his father in the hospital. He mentions he didn’t protect his lover even if he worked hard.

Woo-Joo calls Jeong-Heon. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. She remembers Hyeong-Taek told her that Jeong-Heon is missing. She realizes something. Ki-Baek tries to call Woo-Joo. But Un-Baek reports to him that their father was tricked. They go to the house to look for Gu-Pal.

Woo-Joo goes to the stationery store to look for Jeong-Heon. She remembers he took her to the store before. She finds him when he’s playing game with the kids. She hits him with a hammer. Ki-Baek and his family get into the warehouse. They don’t find Yoo-Jung’s stuff.

Ki-Baek persuades his family to leave the warehouse. But In-Soo wants to do something. Ki-Baek remembers In-Soo was hit by the car when he chased him. He persuades In-Soo not to do anything. Un-Baek is furious to have a fight with Ki-Baek. In-Soo stops them.

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Gu-Pal returns with his followers. In-Soo beats Gu-Pal’s followers. Gu-Pal confesses it to In-Soo that his products are behind the warehouse. The police come. In-Soo takes his sons to hide. They show up after the police left. In-Soo reminds his sons that they’re family. He asks them to help him. Woo-Joo tells Jeong-Heon that the spring will come if he takes a break. Ki-Baek cries after he realized that he’s the only burden of the family. His family comforts him. They receive calls from the hospital.

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