Frankly Speaking: Episode 10 Recap

Ki-Baek wakes up in the tent after he slept with Woo-Joo last night. He gives her a kiss when she falls asleep. He sees the message. He’s shocked. He fails to stop her from checking the message in Frankly Speaking: Episode 9. Cho-Hui tells people that Woo-Joo is Ki-Baek’s girlfriend from the video in episode 10.

Poong-Baek brings Ki-Baek’s love news to Yoo-Jung. Yoo-Jung learns that her son’s girlfriend is Bok-Ja’s daughter. Bok-Ja closes her hair salon. Chae Yeon has a meeting with the people in the house. She mentions what Cho-Hui said that Woo-Joo and Ki-Baek were in love before the show, and Woo-Joo kicked Yu-Yeong out of the show. They don’t have any evidence to prove that Cho-Hui told lies to fans. Cho-Hui also fled to France.

Frankly Speaking: Episode 10

Ki-Baek goes to the company to meet Mi-Ra. He admits it to her that he and Woo-Joo are in love. She asks him to deny it if he’s asked about the love relation of him and Woo-Joo. The chief visits the office of “Couples Paradise”. She blames the production team.

Chae Yeon claims that they’re victims as well. The chief sees Woo-Joo. She cries to beg her to tell people that she didn’t date Ki-Baek. Chae Yeon takes the chief out of the office. Woo-Joo apologizes to the team. But Ha-Young thinks Woo-Joo didn’t do anything wrong.

Woo-Joo meets with Ki-Baek on the rooftop. He reveals Mi-Ra asked him to tell a lie to the media that they’re not in love. The customer badmouths Woo-Joo when Bok-Ja is taking care of her hair in her hair salon. The customer finds out that Bok-Ja is Woo-Joo’s mother.

In-Soo wears his glasses to work in front of the laptop. He defends Ki-Baek when the fans attack Ki-Baek. Un-Baek notes it. He tells it to Ki-Baek. Ki-Baek meets with Jeong-Heon at the playground after Jeong-Heon called him. He thinks he’s nosy.

Jeong-Heon gave some money to Ki-Baek after knowing Ki-Baek needs money. But it hurt Ki-Baek’s pride. He brought up Jeong-Heon’s father. Jeong-Heon was furious to have a fight with Ki-Baek. Jeong-Heon tells Ki-Baek that he cannot control what people think. He persuades him to be himself. Ki-Baek thanks Jeong-Heon.

Woo-Joo cleans her desk in her room. Someone breaks the window with the brick outside. It startles Woo-Joo. Woo-Joo goes outside. The madam attacks Woo-Joo with a stick. Ki-Baek protects Woo-Joo when Jeong-Heon stops the madam. The madam is taken to the police station. She cries to tell Jeong-Heon that she did it because she knew Woo-Joo hurt him.

Woo-Joo walks out of the police station. She forgives Jeong-Heon’s fan because the fan promised to fix her window. Jeong-Heon asks Ki-Baek to take care of Woo-Joo before he leaves. Jeong-Heon is in the car with Hyung-Taek. He feels sad after he saw his fan attacking Woo-Joo. He thinks he doesn’t deserve to be an idol.

Ki-Baek is on the way home with Woo-Joo. He decides to accept the interview after he saw his lover almost getting hurt. He calls Mi-Ra and he lets her prepare the interview. Mi-Ra summons the reporters to the studio. She asks Ki-Baek to tell the reporters that he’s not dating Woo-Joo.

But he confesses it to the reporters that he and Woo-Joo are in love. Mi-Ra tries to end the interview. Woo-Joo shows up. She reveals the one who kicked Yu-Yeong out of the show was Cho-Hui. She takes out the USB drive. Woo-Joo watched the video. She found out that Cho-Hui threatened Yu-Yeong. She let Ha-Young meet with Yu-Yeong.

Ha-Young takes Yu-Yeong to the studio. Woo-Joo tells the reporters that she didn’t date Ki-Baek before the show. But Ki-Baek asked her out after the show. K-Baek raises Woo-Joo’s hand. He tells the world that he and Woo-Joo are in love. They’re very happy.

Yoo-Jung watches the Gold Resort video. She likes the place very much. Chae Yeon is in Un-Baek’s gym to enjoy his photos. He brings a present to her. He reveals her son didn’t like fried chicken. She denies it and she reveals her son didn’t tell her that Un-Baek helped him take the drone.

Ki-Baek hugs Woo-Joo from her back when she cleans the room. She’s shy to tell him that others will see it. He points out that nobody cares for them now. He thanks her for letting him not tell a lie. They find out that the switch is gone.

Ki-Baek meets with Joo-Ho. He brings the bad news to him that the switch is gone. He worries that nobody can stop him from bringing trouble. Joo-Ho persuades Ki-Baek to focus on the present instead of the future. Chae Yeon comes to the school to pick Gu-Won up. He tells the teachers that his mother works at TV Station.

Chae Yeon takes Gu-Won to the noodle restaurant. He learns that she likes Un-Baek. He cries to leave the restaurant because he doesn’t wish to share his thoughts with Un-Baek. Ki-Baek returns home. He tells his mother that he booked the Gold Resort. She’s furious to ask him to cancel it.

Gu-Won falls asleep in Bok-Ja’s hair salon after he had a fight with Chae Yeon. Bok-Ja gives Woo-Joo’s mother’s number to Woo-Joo. It seems that Woo-Joo’s mother won’t come back this time. Woo-Joo looks at the number on the rooftop.

Ki-Baek joins her. She reveals the number belongs to her mother. He lets her lean her head on his shoulder. He persuades her to go to meet her mother so that she won’t regret. He gets a message from Ji-Hu who has resigned. He scolds him when he meets him in the kindergarten of his daughter. Ji-Hu thinks he can go freelance like Ki-Baek. He asks Ki-Baek to go to the mountain with him.

Yoo-Jung prepares the breakfast for Ki-Baek. He tells her that he cannot go on the trip with them because he has a show. He shares the food with the people in the van. The guy finds out that there’s no cucumber in the food. Ji-Hu reveals Ki-Baek doesn’t like to eat cucumber.

Ki-Baek arrives at the house. He sees PN. He remembers he had a fight with PN. PN greets Ki-Baek. He reveals his name is Jin-Bok now. Ki-Baek is surprised that Jin-Bok became friendly. He goes to the chicken house to get the eggs. The house owner prepares the fish heads for them. Ki-Baek reveals he has a family trip.

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Yoo-Jung gets changed. She volunteers to drive because her husband’s knee is hurt. Ki-Baek goes to the mountain top with the people. They see a tree which was hit by a lightning. Yoo-Jung is happy when she drives. She mentions she got the good luck. She thinks she should enjoy it. The house owner recognizes PN when Ji-Hu is dancing. PN sings a song. Yoo-Jung sings a song in the car. She has a car accident.

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