The Atypical Family: Episode 9 Recap

Man-Heum has a nightmare that Gwi-Ju saves Da-Hae from the fire in The Atypical Family: Episode 9. The house collapses. She’s startled to wake up from the nightmare. She calls Gwi-Ju and she asks him to stay away from Da-Hae. He comforts her that he has put out the fire.

Gwi-Ju takes out two rings. He tells his mother that Da-Hae didn’t steal the ring. Because he gave the ring to the girl when he saved her thirteen years ago. He thinks he’s destined to save the girl. He comforts her that he will be fine because Da-Hae is alive.

The Atypical Family: Episode 9

Gwi-Ju returns to his room with the two rings. He remembers he told Da-Hae that she didn’t tell a lie to him. Man-Heum learns that Da-Hae will help her family. She finds out that the lottery ticket is missing. Sun-Gu visits Madam Shin’s husband at the nightclub. He gives the lottery ticket to him.

Man-Heum calls Sun-Gu. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. He returns home when she receives the photos of him and another woman. Il-Hong drinks with Madam Shin and Madam Shin’s husband at the nightclub. It seems that it wasn’t the first time they worked together. Madam Shin’s husband wonders how did Il-Hong find the fool.

Sun-Gu follows Man-Heum to the room. He explains it to her that the madam is just his friend. He reveals he paid the madam’s husband. She learns that he stole the lottery ticket from her. She blames him for betraying her. She asks him to pack his stuff.

Sun-Gu packs his stuff. He walks out of Man-Heum’s room with his suitcase. He cries. I-Na notes that her grandpa cried. He tells a lie to her that he’s going to go on a short trip. She takes off her glasses. She tries to read his mind. But he wears his glasses. He leaves the house.

Da-Hae finds out that Il-Hong got the lottery ticket. Il-Hong mentions what she told Da-Hae that she will help her. Gwi-Ju walks into the kitchen. He finds out that his father is missing. Dong-Hee reveals their father went on a trip. But I-Na denies it.

Gwi-Ju meets with Da-Hae. She tells him that he will hurt his family if he continues to help her. She reveals Il-Hong’s target is his mother. He returns home and he finds out that his mother is missing. Dong-Hee and Ji-Han meet with Man-Heum at the restaurant. They try to persuade her to give the gym building to them.

But Man-Heum rejects it because Ji-Han is a cheater in her mind. Ji-Han is furious to leave the restaurant. Man-Heum tells Dong-Hee that her father gave her a headache. Dong-Hee understands her father. She mentions Man-Heum let her give up her dream. She leaves.

The reception asks Man-Heum to pay for the meal. But Man-Heum’s card doesn’t work. Il-Hong pays for Man-Heum. I-Na is bullied in the school. Hye-Rim tries to help I-Na. But I-Na shakes off Hye-Rim’s hand. Hye-Rim’s hand is hurt. Gwi-Ju gets a call from the teacher. He’s told that I-Na left the school.

He goes to see Da-Hae. He reports it to her. Hyeong-Tae reveals I-Na’s phone was broken. He takes the two to the convenience store where I-Na stayed. Da-Hae learns that I-Na ate alone. Hyeong-Tae takes the two to the coffee shop then. He reveals I-Na likes dirty iced tea.

Da-Hae returns to the saunas. Il-Hong doesn’t allow Da-Hae to get into the room. Da-Hae opens the door. She finds out that Man-Heum is sleeping in the room. Da-Hae tells Il-Hong that she won’t be her daughter anymore. She threatens to use the method she taught her to deal with her if she hurts Bok family.

Gwi-Ju returns home. He finds I-Na’s broken phone. Da-Hae walks into the room. She sees another Gwi-Ju. The Gwi-Ju tells her that I-Na is in the gym at the school. I-Na hides in the room in the gym at the school. Hye-Rim locks the door. I-Na cannot leave the room.

Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae run to the school. They find I-Na in the school guard’s help. They take the little girl to the noodle restaurant. Gwi-Ju asks his daughter why she hid in the gym. I-Na tells him that she wants to drop out of the school. She goes to the restroom.

Da-Hae follows I-Na to the restroom. I-Na cries when she thinks it was Da-Hae’s mistake. Da-Hae reveals she was an invisible girl like I-Na. She tells I-Na not to flee when someone comes to look for her. She returns to the table and she tells Gwi-Ju to look into I-Na’s eyes.

Gwi-Ju and I-Na are in the park. He tries to give the dirty iced tea to her. But she knocks it over. He takes off her glasses and he looks into her eyes. She reads his mind and she finds out that he cares for her very much.

She tears up. She reveals she got the superpower when her mother passed away. Se-Yeon wished I-Na not to be born. She was shocked that her daughter could hear what she said. She had a car accident. I-Na thinks she’s a monster because she could read her mother and her friend’s thoughts.

Gwi-Ju cries to hug I-Na. He thinks it was his mistake. Da-Hae watches the father and the daughter. Grace Kang walks into Il-Hong’s room. She persuades her that she will use Dong-Hee to help her earn money. But Il-Hong doesn’t think so.

Hyeong-Tae reports to her that Man-Heum woke up. Il-Hong goes to see Man-Heum. Man-Heum reveals she saw Il-Hong’s daughter in her dream. She reveals Da-Hae told her that Il-Hong’s daughter is Il-Hong’s weakness. Dong-Hee climbs the stairs. She’s tired.

Grace Kang helps Dong-Hee climb for letting her wear wedding dress. She follows her to the rooftop. She hands over the water to her. She asks her to fly with her. Gwi-Ju helps I-Na bike. She’s excited after she made it. Da-Hae joins Gwi-Ju. She feels happy for I-Na.

I-Na runs into Jun-Woo. She drops her bike and she tries to flee. But he returns the glasses to her. He promises to avoid her. He asks her not to run away. She confesses her feelings to him before he leaves. Da-Hae sits with Gwi-Ju on the bench. She tries to tell it to him that he was sad. But he disappears. He goes back to the moment when I-Na was reborn. He finds out that he was very happy.

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Gwi-Ju decides to use the happiness to save Da-Hae. He tells Da-Hae that he fell for her when he saved her thirteen years ago. Man-Heum finds Sun-Gu from the nightclub. She cries to tell him that their son is going to die. Gwi-Ju thinks he needs to protect Da-Hae because she’s his family. He puts the ring on her finger in person. He kisses her.

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