Frankly Speaking: Episode 9 Recap

Woo-Joo meets with Jeong-Heon. She admits it to him that she likes Ki-Baek. He tries to leave. But he passes out and he leans on her shoulder. Ki-Baek is on the way home. He sees Woo-Joo hugging Jeong-Heon in Frankly Speaking: Episode 8.

Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo take Jeong-Heon to hospital in episode 9. The doctor tells Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo that Jeong-Heon is just fatigue. Some people recognize Jeong-Heon in the ward. Ki-Baek closes the curtains. He leaves the ward with Woo-Joo. He comforts her that Jeong-Heon is fine.

Frankly Speaking: Episode 9

She reveals Jeong-Heon came to apologize to her to her mother. She cries. Ki-Baek gives Jeong-Heon a ride. He turns on the radio for him. Jeong-Heon falls asleep in the car. Ki-Baek goes to Jeong-Heon’s house with Jeong-Heon. He sees the stills of Jeong-Heon and Woo-Joo in the house.

Jeong-Heon learns that Ki-Baek didn’t confess his feelings to Woo-Joo because of him. He tells Ki-Baek that Woo-Joo likes him. Ki-Baek runs out of Jeong-Heon’s house. He texts Woo-Joo and he wishes her to be his girlfriend. But she thinks she has been his girlfriend. He becomes a slave of her and he begins to chase her. She’s excited after knowing the last episode of the show hit ten percent rating.

Woo-Joo becomes a star writer. Ki-Baek becomes a rising star. Yoo-Jung prepares a meal for Ki-Baek. He gives his chicken leg to his father. He reveals he’s going to go to shoot the commercial shoot. His family is excited. The chief brings a present to the office of “Couples Paradise”.

She tells Ha-Young that she will trust her. She realizes that Chae Yeon didn’t remove Woo-Joo from the team. But Chae-Yeon refuses to do so because Woo-Joo wrote “Couples Paradise”. Woo-Joo hears what the chief said. She walks into the office. She pretends to be happy. She asks the chief to buy them a meal.

Ki-Baek shoots the commercial with Jeong-Heon. He has a manager. The manager servers Ki-Baek the water. The fans ask Ki-Baek to take photos with them. The manager takes photos for them. He leaves with the fans. He asks them not to share the photos. Jeong-Heon joins Ki-Baek. He persuades him to show his face often.

Chae Yeon plans to let Woo-Joo return as the head writer. Ha-Young agrees to it. But Woo-Joo is against it. Un-Baek gives the flyers to the people on the street for promoting his store. He sees Gu-Won so that he joins him. Gu-Won says hello to Un-Baek. It makes Un-Baek believe that Chae Yeon is a good mother. He hugs Gu-Won and he helps him take the drone. He asks him to eat fried chicken to him. But Gu-Won rejects it. He walks away.

Ki-Baek receives the payment from the commercial company when he’s outside the supermarket. He walks into the supermarket to buy meat. He’s recognized by the fans. He autographs for them. He returns home and he sees Woo-Joo on the rooftop. He goes to the rooftop. He asks her to sit with him. He reveals he shot a commercial. He believes that he will buy a house soon. He tells her to let him know if she needs his help.

The two guys badmouth Jeong-Heon on the set. Jeong-Heon’s manager Hyung-Taek scolds the two. Jeong-Heon stops his manager. Ki-Baek returns home. He finds out that his father’s knee is hurt. He persuades his father to go to see a doctor. But his mother is against it because they have no money. He leaves the present to his parent. His mother opens the present. She sees the beef.

The customer visits Bok-Ja’s hair salon again. Bok-Ja tells the customer that they’re closed. The customer has to leave. Woo-Joo sees the scar on the customer’s hand. Ki-Baek visits Jeong-Heon when Jeong-Heon is filming a show at home. The director learns that the two guys are close.

Woo-Joo is writing another show at home. She remembers the chief didn’t wish her to be the head writer. She gets a call from Director Han. The director doesn’t film something interesting at Jeong-Heon’s house. She asks him to open the door of the hidden room. Ki-Baek cannot stand it. He has a fight with the director. Jeong-Heon supports Ki-Baek. He lets the director leave.

Ki-Baek finds out that Jeong-Heon still have the wine they drank. He remembers he drank with him. Jeong-Heon told his secret to Ki-Baek that he just got beaten by his father. Ki-Baek shared his secret with Jeong-Heon as well that he’s going to move out because of the creditors.

Woo-Joo is lost when she sits on the bench outside the TV Station JBC. She remembers Director Han wanted to cast her. But she only wished to be a writer. She gets a call from her mother who asks for a meeting up at the restaurant. But she rejects it.

Ji-Hu resigns. He’s very happy. It seems that he made the decision for his daughter. He calls Ki-Baek when Ki-Baek is seeing Ha-Young at the cafe. Ki-Baek hangs up. Woo-Joo returns home in the evening. The customer is waiting for her. Woo-Joo tells the customer that the hair salon is closed. The customer leaves.

Woo-Joo walks into her house. Bok-Ja is drinking. Woo-Joo joins Bok-Ja. Bok-Ja brings up the first time she saw Woo-Joo. Bok-Ja walked on the street with a poison after knowing she’s sick. She ran into the little Woo-Joo. The little Woo-Joo grabbed Bok-Ja’s clothes. She told her that she’s hungry.

Bok-Ja took the little Woo-Joo to the restaurant. She bought her the noodles. She planned to end her life after the little girl ate. She took her to the police station. But nobody looked for the little girl. Bok-Ja had to take the little Woo-Joo home.

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Bok-Ja thanks Woo-Joo for saving her life. She reveals the madam with a birthmark is Woo-Joo’s mother. Ki-Baek is on the way home. He remembers Ha-Young told him that Woo-Joo left the team. He sees Woo-Joo at the playground. She sends a message to him. She tells him that she’s working. But he knows she told him a lie when he joins her at the playground.

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