Frankly Speaking: Episode 8 Recap

Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo have a kiss in the park in Frankly Speaking: Episode 7. They leave the park. Ki-Baek wakes up in the morning in episode 8. He sends a message to Woo-Joo. He invites her to have breakfast with him. She doesn’t reply to him because she’s sleeping.

Ki-Baek walks out of his room. He sees his brothers peeling the potatoes. His mother asks him to send the potato cakes to Bok-Ja. Woo-Joo walks out of her room. She sees Ki-Baek holding the potato cakes when he stands in her house. She quickly returns to her room. Ki-Baek gives the potato cakes to Bok-Ja.

Frankly Speaking: Episode 8

Woo-Joo goes to the rooftop. She sees Ki-Baek. She pretends to do morning workout. He invites her to drink coffee with him. She rejects it but she finds out that she’s grabbing his arm. She releases his arm. He notes that there’s something on her lips. He remembers the kiss last night.

She reveals she has another show today. She cheers him up. She persuades him to be honest. She thinks he’s cute. His father shows up. She leaves. Un-Baek goes to his gym. He begins to work. Chae Yeon visits him for working out. Woo-Joo goes to the company. She’s in a good moon. She receives a message from Ki-Baek. He asks her not to skip meals. She runs into Director Jang and another guy. They want to cast her.

Woo-Joo walks into the office with the coffee. She’s surprised to see the chief. The chief is in a good moon. But she reminds Woo-Joo that she shouldn’t appear there because she’s not a head writer anymore. Ha-Young invites Woo-Joo to have coffee with them. Woo-Joo rejects it because she needs to go to the set.

Ki-Baek goes to the rooftop. He intends to help his father to make the chili. But his father lets him leave because he worries that he will be burned by the sun. He persuades his father to wear a hat before he leaves. Ji-Hu needs to pay the hospital bill for his child. The announcer persuades him to go freelance.

Woo-Joo is upset because the anchor of the show doesn’t come. Ki-Baek shows up. Woo-Joo is very happy. Young-Won takes Bok-Ja to the restaurant. He learns that she went to the salon for his mother. They meet with his mother. Young-Won’s mother is rude to Bok-Ja after she saw her. Bok-Ja bears it. She serves Young-Won’s mother the dishes.

Woo-Joo explains the show “Local Live Info Show” to Ki-Baek. She tells him that he can talk freely. He walks into the restaurant. The restaurant owner is rude to him. The restaurant owner’s son calls the restaurant owner aside. He persuades his mother to be rude more.

Ki-Baek tastes the ribs. He finds out that the food has changed. He wonders why the restaurant owner did so. She explains it to him that she thinks people eat food with their eyes. But he reminds her that she eats the food with her mouth.

The restaurant owner’s son stops the filming. He asks the production team to leave their restaurant. Woo-Joo takes Ki-Baek outside. He reveals the ribs were very good. She decides to film it. The customer visits Bok-Ja’s hair salon. Bok-Ja notes the scar on the customer’s hand.

Woo-Joo meets with the restaurant owner. She tells her that she wants to help her. The restaurant owner stops her son when he’s having a fight with the director. She tells everyone that she’s going to cook the ribs for them. Woo-Joo and Ki-Baek are very happy.

Jeong-Heon sends the people off. His assistant persuades him not to work hard. He returns home and he receives the stills from “Couples Paradise”. He looks at the photos of him and Woo-Joo. He remembers Woo-Joo told him that she doesn’t hate him anymore when they were on the beach.

Woo-Joo goes to the park with Ki-Baek. She reveals the director plans to let him replace the anchor. But he doesn’t want to do the show because he knows she won’t be there. He offers to go to “Couples Paradise” with her. But she refuses to share a ride with her because he chose Cho-Hui.

Woo-Joo returns home. She sees Bok-Ja taking care of the customer’s hair. She volunteers to help Bok-Ja. But Bok-Ja asks Woo-Joo to leave. Chae Yeon visits Un-Baek’s gym again. He trains her to work out. He finds out that she cannot do the workout because she’s lack of muscles. He gives the protein to her. He thinks it was coincidence that she’s his first member. But she tells him that it wasn’t coincidence.

The customer visits Bok-Ja again. She asks her to change her hair again even if her hair was changed yesterday. Ha-Young prepares the filming in the studio. Min-Gu notes that she’s eating. He’s surprised because she never did it before. She reveals someone persuaded her to eat because she was cranky when she was hungry.

Woo-Joo walks into the dressing room when Cho-Hui is doing a live broadcast. She asks her to explain her actions. But Cho-Hui thinks the one who needs to explain isn’t her. Min-Gu reports to Chae Yeon that Jeong-Heon didn’t allow anyone to get into his greenhouse.

Mi-Ra is in the greenhouse with Jeong-Heon. She asks Hyung-Taek to announce the quitting of Jeong-Heon. But Jeong-Heon wants to do the show. He walks out of his greenhouse. Ki-Baek is making rice cakes with Cho-Hui. He finds out that Jeong-Heon wore shoe for Woo-Joo. He’s upset. The guests make songpyeon together. Ki-Baek makes a heart shape songpyeon. But the food isn’t for Cho-Hui. Seong-Jun notes that Woo-Joo’s face looks good. He believes that she dated someone after the show.

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Ki-Baek waits for Woo-Joo outside the studio. Mi-Ra gives her business card to him. She tells him to visit her if he needs her help. Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo are on the way home. He complains it to her that she didn’t take any photo with him. She takes him to the photo booth.

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