The Atypical Family: Episode 10 Recap

Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae are happy to talk about the movie in the car in The Atypical Family: Episode 10. He goes to check the movie. He finds out that the car had an accident when he comes back. Da-Hae is missing. We return to five days before the accident.

Da-Hae visits Gwi-Ju with flowers. She greets Sun-Gu. But Dong-Hee thinks Da-Hae has no shame when she’s eating. Man-Heum shows up. She tells Da-Hae not to mind Dong-Hee. Dong-Hee leaves the house. Man-Heum, Sun-Gu, Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae eat together. Gwi-Ju feels happy that his family eats together.

The Atypical Family: Episode 10

We return to seven days before the accident. Man-Heum meets with Da-Hae. She leaks that Gwi-Ju will pass away after he saves Da-Hae from the fire. Da-Hae cries. She thinks there will be a way to save Gwi-Ju. She tries to leave. Man-Heum stops Da-Hae. She tells her that she wants to make her son happy. She asks her to move in with them. Da-Hae rejects it because she knows Gwi-Ju will die because of her. But Man-Heum asks Da-Hae to trick Gwi-Ju for Gwi-Ju’s sake.

We come back to the present. Da-Hae asks Gwi-Ju about I-Na. The teacher has a meeting with the students at the school. He asks Hye-Rim if she locked the door of the gym. She denies it. He knows she told him a lie. But he cannot punish her because he has no evidence. He asks her not to do it again.

The students walk on the campus. They talk about Hye-Rim. They think Hye-Rim locked I-Na because Hye-Rim was jealous of I-Na. Hye-Rim walks to I-Na. She tells her that she didn’t lock her. But I-Na doesn’t want to confirm it. She reminds Hye-Rim that everyone knows what kind of person she is. She leaves with Jun-Woo.

Gwi-Ju drinks tea with Sun-Gu. He offers to move out with the family because he wants to have a fresh start. Man-Heum agrees to Gwi-Ju’s plan. Sun-Gu follows Man-Heum to the room. He persuades her to move abroad with Gwi-Ju. Because he knows his son will die if he continues to live with Da-Hae. But Man-Heum tells Gwi-Ju to focus on being Gwi-Ju’s father.

Dong-Hee runs on the treadmill in the gym. She remembers Man-Heum thought she will get the building if Gwi-Ju passes away. Dong-Hee cried to blame Man-Heum for having the dream. Grace Kang joins Dong-Hee. She notes that Dong-Hee is crying. She asks her to take a break. But Dong-Hee rejects it.

Da-Hae, Gwi-Ju and I-Na have fun when they bike outside. They visit a doll store and they take photos in the photo booth. Gwi-Ju plans to go back to save Da-Hae. But she’s against it. She agrees to let him do it when they become family.

Grace Kang takes Dong-Hee to the restaurant. She tries to feed her the meat. But Dong-Hee rejects it. Grace Kang asks Dong-Hee to be nice to Da-Hae. Because she thinks Da-Hae is her family. She believes that Il-Hong won’t forgive Da-Hae.

Hyeong-Tae prepares everything. He confirms with Il-Hong. He asks her if she actually wants to do so. She thinks they should say goodbye to Da-Hae. Gwi-Ju makes an excuse that his room leaked. He sleeps with Da-Hae. She offers to to on a trip. He agrees to her plan.

She’s driving when they’re going on a trip. She wants to drink coffee. He feeds her the chocolate. She feels cold. He puts the jacket on her. He remembers he bought her the jacket. She mentions he smiled. He doesn’t believe he did so.

He goes back to the moment. He finds out that he actually smiled after he tore up her shirt. She brings up a movie. He goes to confirm the scene. She sees a car tailing her. She has a car accident. Gwi-Ju is saved after the accident.

The police search the river. They don’t find Da-Hae’s dead body. Gwi-Ju tries to get into the river to look for Da-Hae. The police stop him. They find Da-Hae’s jacket. They give it to Gwi-Ju. Gwi-Ju cries when he holds Da-Hae’s jacket.

Gwi-Ju visits Il-Hong. He thinks she was the one who killed Da-Hae. But she yells at him and she blames him for not finding Da-Hae. Gwi-Ju holds Da-Hae’s jacket in his room. He begins to drink. He cries to tell Sun-Gu that he needs to find Da-Hae. Sun-Gu gives Gwi-Ju a hug.

Dong-Hee and I-Na see it outside the room. Dong-Hee thinks it’s a good news because Gwi-Ju doesn’t have to die. Sun-Gu asks Man-Heum if Gwi-Ju’s future is changed. Man-Heum decides to give up her ambition to the superpowers of her family. She tells Gwi-Ju not to look back.

Dong-Hee wears a wedding dress at a bridal store. She looks pretty. She tells Ji-Han that she wishes to delay the wedding because his brother is upset. But he doesn’t care for her bother. He only wants to get the gym building. He gets a call from someone. He pretends that the person is the franchise. But we know it’s his new girlfriend. He promises the girl that he’s going to open a cafe for her.

Gwi-Ju goes to the scrapyard to look for his car. The scrapyard owner persuades him to leave. Dong-Hee stops the scrapyard owner. She reminds Gwi-Ju that they lost their superpower. But I-Na points out that Dong-Hee still has superpower.

Dong-Hee tries to fly. She finds out that she actually can fly. She leaves the scrapyard. I-Na persuades Gwi-Ju to go back to look for Da-Hae. He goes back to the moment they biked together. He chases her. He follows her to the doll store then. But he cannot open the door.

He learns that Da-Hae refused to have an eye contact with I-Na. I-Na reveals Da-Hae sang when she tried to read her thoughts. She lets Gwi-Ju go to another moment. Gwi-Ju goes to the moment when he slept with Da-Hae in the room. She tears up when she sees him.

She reveals she had a nightmare. He hugs her. He asks her not to get in the car because he knows she will die from the car accident. But the car accident still happens to her. I-Na visits Hyeong-Tae. She asks him for a talk. But he wears his sunglasses.

She asks him about what Da-Hae hid. But he tells her to leave. He gets into the saunas and he closes the door. Il-Hong realizes that Hyeong-Tae didn’t kill Da-Hae because the accident happened at the river but he told her that he killed Da-Hae at the beach.

She asks Hyeong-Tae to take her to the beach. Hyeong-Tae is in the car. I-Na tells him that she knows he didn’t kill Da-Hae. He lets her read his thought when Il-Hong gets in the car. I-Na breaks into the room. She cries to report to Gwi-Ju that Da-Hae is alive.

We return to the moment that Man-Heum asks Da-Hae to make Gwi-Ju happy. But Da-Hae plans to bring the pain to Gwi-Ju for saving his life. She meets with Hyeong-Tae at a restaurant. She asks him to help her ruin Gwi-Ju. He reminds her that she will disappear if she does so. But she doesn’t care for it. They make the car accident together after Gwi-Ju went to confirm the movie. Da-Hae throws her jacket into the river. She says goodbye to Gwi-Ju.

Da-Hae is in the yard to look at the family photo of her, I-Na and Gwi-Ju. The little girl thinks those people are Da-Hae’s family. Da-Hae denies it. Gwi-Ju drives to the beach. He finds Da-Hae in the little girl’s help. She tries to flee. He chases her.

Dong-Hee reports to Man-Heum that Gwi-Ju isn’t in his room. I-Na reveals Gwi-Ju went to look for Da-Hae. She adds that Gwi-Ju regained his power. But Man-Heum fears it. I-Na takes off her glasses. She reads her grandma’s thought. Gwi-Ju stops Da-Hae. He asks her why she did it to him. She reveals he will die.

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She reminds him that he promised I-Na that he will stay with her. She tries to leave. He stops her. He cries to tell her that he cannot live with her. He thinks I-Na is just an excuse she made. She admits it and she cries to tell him that she cannot lose him. He hugs her and he thinks she’s a fool. She cries to push him away. But he tells her that he cannot lose her as well. He hugs her tightly. He confesses his feelings to her. He kisses her.

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